Loman white Round Side Angle WEB Loman-white_Round_Side-Angle_WEB.jpg Loman scontorno runaround Sofa WEB Loman-scontorno_runaround_Sofa_WEB.jpg LOMAN TheSofaCollection2017 Brown Fabric Setting LOMAN_TheSofaCollection2017_Brown_Fabric_Setting.jpg Loman Modular White Leather Round zenitale WEB Loman-Modular_White_Leather_Round-zenitale_WEB.jpg LOMAN TheSofaCollection2017 Brown Leather WEB LOMAN_TheSofaCollection2017_Brown_Leather_WEB.jpg LOMAN TheSofaCollection2017 White Modular WEB LOMAN_TheSofaCollection2017_White_Modular_WEB.jpg Loman comp zenitale Birdseye WEB Loman-comp-zenitale_Birdseye_WEB.jpg Loman new spec sheet 1 Loman new spec sheet 1.jpg Loman sofa spec sheet Loman new spec sheet 2 Loman new spec sheet 2.jpg Loman sofa spec sheet Loman new spec sheet 3 Loman new spec sheet 3.jpg Loman sofa spec sheet Loman new spec sheet 4 Loman new spec sheet 4.jpg Loman sofa spec sheet

Loman Sofa
by Ditre Italia

Superb comfort, and gorgeous curves, the Loman will add glamour to a large room.