Many homes enjoy the style and communal benefits of open plan living. However, this communal environment can create challenges in caring for your furniture and homewares.

Direct sunlight, cooking fumes and grease, airconditioning and humidity can impact products and fibres in different ways. Balancing the look and feel you want, with practical considerations like how the furniture will be used is very important. Untreated leathers, light colours or delicate coverings like silk are not appropriate for high traffic areas, and should be chosen and maintained with this in mind.

For general care we recommend regular vacuuming using the upholstery attachment, and immediate treatment of soiling with reference to any specific care labels or guides provided with your furniture.

Please browse this section for tips on caring for your furniture, and for dealing with common spills or accidents.

Please note, the information provided is for guidance only, and is applicable to Voyager Interiors products. For specific advice, please feel free to contact us.

Caring for fabric

Caring for leather furniture

Caring for cushion and sofa inserts

Painted and natural timber furniture care

Caring for furniture made with metals

Cleaning glass and mirrors

Caring for resin, acrylic and polymers

CaesarStone and Terrazzo stone care tips

Caring for outdoor furniture