Colin%20Floor%20Lamp%20-%20Brass%20%26%20Indochine%20Ebony%20Shade%20-%20B299L.jpg Colin Floor Lamp - Brass Base - Fabric shade Colin%20Floor%20Lamp%20-%20Brass%20%26%20Indochine%20Ebony%20Shade%20-%20B299L.jpg Colin%20Floor%20Lamp%20-%20Brass%20%26%20Black%20Small%20Shade%20-%20B299L.jpg Colin Floor Lamp - Small Black Shade Colin%20Floor%20Lamp%20-%20Brass%20%26%20Black%20Small%20Shade%20-%20B299L.jpg Colin with Hydra Shade B299L with trade shade Bloomingdales lamps and furniture Bloomingdales Lamps Table Floor Desk Lamps

Colin Floor Lamp

Putting the luxe into lighting, the Colin Floor lamp features a stunning brass column, with the option of tall tapered Hydra shade, or conventional drum shade in a choice of beautiful fabrics.