CB19411515 Cosmopolitan stool black CB19411515-Cosmopolitan-stool-black.jpg Cosmopolitan cb1941 Chromed MattBlack Cosmopolitan_cb1941_Chromed_MattBlack.jpg cosmopolitan pink seat stool connubia2 cosmopolitan pink seat stool connubia2.jpg cosmopolitan STOOL CONNUBIA Cosmopolitan cb1942 MattBlack MattBlack Cosmopolitan_cb1942_MattBlack_MattBlack.jpg cosmopolitan family connubia stool 2 cosmopolitan family connubia stool 2.jpg cosmopolitan STOOL CONNUBIA cosmopolitan schematic cosmopolitan schematic.png cosmopolitan STOOL CONNUBIA schematic

Cosmopolitan Sled Stool
by Calligaris

Great for a family friendly island bench, or for a commercial project, the Cosmopolitan is stable and durable, and superbly comfortable.