CLARA DINING VELVET SCENE BONTEMPI (2) copy CLARA DINING VELVET SCENE BONTEMPI (2) copy.jpg bontempi dining CLARA BLACK LEATHER (1) CLARA BLACK LEATHER (1).jpg bontempi dining clara dining chair bontempi casa COPY WEB clara-dining-chair-bontempi_casa_COPY_WEB.jpg Clara Chair Family 76 1 20 bontempi casa Clara_Chair_Family_76_1_20_bontempi_casa.jpg CLARA FAMILY BONTEMPI (1) CLARA FAMILY BONTEMPI (1).jpg bontempi dining CLARA VLEVET SCENE (4) copy1 CLARA VLEVET SCENE (4) copy1.jpg bontempi dining schematic CLARA DINING SCENE (1) copy CLARA DINING SCENE (1) copy.jpg bontempi dining Clara Quilted BONTEMPI (6) copy Clara-Quilted-BONTEMPI (6) copy.jpg bontempi dining CLARA BONTEMPI DINING SCENE(5) CLARA BONTEMPI DINING SCENE(5).jpg bontempi dining CLARA SCHEMATIC DINING CHAIR (1) CLARA SCHEMATIC DINING CHAIR (1).png bontempi dining schematic CLARA SCHEMATIC DINING CHAIR (2) copy CLARA SCHEMATIC DINING CHAIR (2) copy.png bontempi dining schematic

Clara Chair

Mixing contemporary aesthetics with comfort, the Clara dining chair features a "hugging frame" which creates a more relaxed atmosphere around the dinner table.