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coco armchair scene calligaris coco armchair scene calligaris .jpg coco armchair calligaris Coco cs3395 M Polished Brass Venice Fabric Calligaris Chairs FLIPPED WEB Coco_cs3395-M_Polished_Brass_Venice_Fabric_Calligaris_Chairs_FLIPPED_WEB.jpg coco armchair calligaris scene (2) coco armchair calligaris scene (2).jpg coco armchair calligaris Coco CS3395 M Matt Black Venice Forest Green Venice Pink P1L FABRIC Venice Ash Grey cs5085 L LAMINATED CERAMIC Emperador Marble Chair Setting WEB Coco_CS3395-M_Matt_Black_Venice_Forest_Green_Venice_Pink_P1L_FABRIC_Venice_Ash_Grey_cs5085-L_LAMINATED_CERAMIC_Emperador_Marble_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris coco schematic calligaris coco schematic calligaris .png coco armchair calligaris schematic

by Calligaris

Compact and elegant, yet comfortable, the Coco slipper chair is perfect as a floating piece for a living room or bedroom. The lovely back detail and gorgeous curves will be certain to impress.