The timber selected for outdoor furniture generally contains a higher oil content. Whilst this will help your furniture withstand the elements, you should be prepared for a certain level of greying or fading over time. Sanding and re-oiling will help bring your outdoor timber furniture back to life.

Regular cleaning of outdoor furniture is important to help combat mould or mildew. Wipe down your furniture with clean water, using an older but clean cloth. As much outdoor furniture is stained, be mindful that some of the stain or tannin will often release on to fabrics, particularly in the first few months after purchase.

Synthetic fibres

Synthetic outdoor furniture is often treated to withstand fading and cracking. Keep dirt build up at bay by regularly cleaning with clean or soapy water and a cotton cloth or soft brush. Avoid abrasive cleaners or hard scrubbing, as this can damage the surface. Some outdoor furniture contains in-built storage for cushions, but if this is not available, we suggest you keen them inside to minimise mould build up or colour fading.