Stainless steel is commonly used in furniture bases, accent pieces and frames. It is a hard wearing material that can generally be cared for by dusting or wiping down with a damp cloth. Commercial solvents can dull stainless steel surfaces and should be avoided. Stainless steel can be susceptible to scratching, which can generally be removed by gently rubbing with a scouring pad along the grain.

Metals like silver, pewter, brass or bronze can add flair and style to most settings, and are most often seen in homewares. Tarnishing is a common care issue, and best dealt with by using metal cleaner and a clean, soft cloth. Undiluted detergents or abrasive cleaners can damage metal pieces, and should be avoided.

Iron and bronze pieces are best cared for cleaning with warm soapy water, and by waxing to give them a lift.