We're Hiring!

Exciting changes to the showroom are well underway and it is time to expand our team.

If you love working with stunning premium furniture solutions to create beautiful, liveable homes for fantastic clients, we'd love to hear from you!

b CIRCLES Calligaris Shelving Pink b_CIRCLES-Calligaris-Shelving_Pink.jpg b CIRCLES Calligaris Shelving Red1 b_CIRCLES-Calligaris-Shelving_Red1.jpg b CIRCLES Calligaris Shelving Black b_CIRCLES-Calligaris-Shelving_Black.jpg Circles%20blue.jpg Calligaris_ Circles display stand_ Blue Circles%20blue.jpg Cleveland Sofa CS3393 S2M Muffin CS3404 cs5119 MC cs5107 Setting Cleveland_Sofa_CS3393_S2M_Muffin_CS3404_cs5119-MC_cs5107_Setting.jpg cs4091 SOLID WOOD Graphite Beech GLASS Transparent Bronze Liberty CS1883 1884 cs5107 Chair Setting WEB cs4091_SOLID_WOOD_Graphite_Beech_GLASS_Transparent_Bronze_Liberty_CS1883_1884_cs5107_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris Circles%20new%20spec%20sheet.jpg Circles new spec sheet Circles%20new%20spec%20sheet.jpg

by Calligaris