Carre cs3410 S8Q front Carre_cs3410_S8Q_front.jpg calligaris sofa armchair Carre cs3410 L1U front Carre_cs3410_L1U_front.jpg calligaris sofa armchair carre sofa detail calligaris carre sofa detail calligaris .jpg sofa calligaris 2020 carre sofa calligaris carre sofa calligaris .jpg sofa calligaris 2020 SCHEMATIC carre (1)1 SCHEMATIC carre (1)1.png sofa calligaris 2020 schematic SCHEMATIC carre (2) copy SCHEMATIC carre (2) copy.png sofa calligaris 2020 schematic

by Calligaris

The finer details and superb comfort are what makes the Carre an amazing and versatile sofa option for every day.