BLOC%20Modular%20 %20Velvet.jpg BLOC%20Modular%20 %20Velvet.jpg 2009%20Bubl%E9%2001.jpg Buble modular. 2009%20Bubl%E9%2001.jpg Ditre Italia 2009%20Bubl%E9%2006.jpg 2009%20Bubl%E9%2006.jpg Ditre Italia 2010 Blob 07 Bloc modular. Ditre Italia 2010 Blob 02 Bloc modular. Ditre Italia Bloc%20Schematics.JPG Bloc%20Schematics.JPG

Bloc Sofa
by Ditre Italia

Made in Italy, The Bloc can be made in a huge range of sofa and modular configurations in hundreds of Italian fabrics and leathers.