echo ext ceramic 10.jpg echo ext ceramic 10.jpg Echo Extension cs4072 R P15 P3C cs1484 L10 Echo Fixed Pedestal Table - Calligaris cs4072 cs4072 Echo Table Pedestal Contemporary Ceramic Wood Calligaris Echo%20Extension%20Table%20-%20Ceramic%20White%20Marble%20P2C%20-%20Calligaris.jpg Echo Extension Table - Calligaris - White Marble cs4072 Echo%20Extension%20Table%20-%20Ceramic%20White%20Marble%20P2C%20-%20Calligaris.jpg echo extension table white setting calligaris echo cantilever extension Schematic EchoExtendable 2021 page 001 Schematic EchoExtendable_2021-page-001.jpg Calligaris Schematic

Echo Extension Table
by Calligaris

Echo is a functional and modern extending table with a sleek design. A great choice for your dining area.