We're Hiring!

Exciting changes to the showroom are well underway and it is time to expand our team.

If you love working with stunning premium furniture solutions to create beautiful, liveable homes for fantastic clients, we'd love to hear from you!

sveva chair white fabric wood COPY WEB sveva_chair_white_fabric_wood_COPY_WEB.jpg sveva chair grey fabric wood COPY WEB sveva_chair_grey_fabric_wood_COPY_WEB.jpg sveva chair 34 07 l110 pr24 3 versus 20 54 l110 cm005 bontempi casa sveva_chair_34-07_l110_pr24_3_versus_20-54_l110_cm005_bontempi_casa.jpg sveva chair 34 06 l110 tve10 tl009 bontempi casa sveva_chair_34-06_l110_tve10_tl009_bontempi_casa.jpg sveva 34 07 l110 tve10 tl009 madison 15 50sp cm005a m327 m328 2 sveva_34-07_l110_tve10_tl009_madison_15-50sp_cm005a_m327_m328_2.jpg Sveva chair sveva 34 07 sveva_34-07.jpg Sveva chair SVEVA%20spec%20sheet.jpg SVEVA%20spec%20sheet.jpg

Sveva Chair