saint%20tropez%20wood%201.jpg SAINT TROPEZ_ Designed by: Archirivolto: Dondoli and Pocci_ polycarbonate shell_ a quilted-effect backrest_ transparent and opaque shades_ BY CALLIGARIS_Made in Italy saint%20tropez%20wood%201.jpg SaintTropezW cs1855 Matt Black Finish Transparent Amber front Calligaris Chairs WEB SaintTropezW_cs1855_Matt_Black_Finish_Transparent_Amber_front_Calligaris_Chairs_WEB.jpg Calligaris cs4091 R SOLID WOOD Graphite Beech PLASTIC Matt Nougat Saint Tropez CS1855 PLASTIC Transparent Amber Matt Grey Chair Setting WEB cs4091-R_SOLID_WOOD_Graphite_Beech_PLASTIC_Matt_Nougat_Saint_Tropez_CS1855_PLASTIC_Transparent_Amber_Matt_Grey_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris SaintTropezW cs1855 Smoke GLOSSY OXIDE RED side Calligaris Chairs WEB SaintTropezW_cs1855_Smoke_GLOSSY_OXIDE_RED_side_Calligaris_Chairs_WEB.jpg Calligaris Saint Tropez CS1855 WOOD Natural Oak PLASTIC Glossy Hemp cs4104 RLB 7187 Chair Setting WEB Saint_Tropez_CS1855_WOOD_Natural_Oak_PLASTIC_Glossy_Hemp_cs4104-RLB_7187_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris Kent Glass Top Dining Table St Tropez Dining Chairs Kent Dining Table Dining Table Glass Ceramic Calligaris Schematic SaintTropez 2021 page 001 Schematic SaintTropez_2021-page-001.jpg Calligaris Schematic

Saint Tropez Wood Chair
by Calligaris