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Exciting changes to the showroom are well underway and it is time to expand our team.

If you love working with stunning premium furniture solutions to create beautiful, liveable homes for fantastic clients, we'd love to hear from you!

kuga Chair Brown 3118c9a0 2677 4722 b8ed 400a006ecc6b 1024x1024 COPY WEB kuga_Chair_Brown_3118c9a0-2677-4722-b8ed-400a006ecc6b_1024x1024_COPY_WEB.jpg Kuga bontempi kuga metal legs dining chair 2 1 Kuga-bontempi-kuga-metal-legs-dining-chair-2_1.jpg Sveva chair zac desk Kuga Chair Setting COPY WEB zac_desk_Kuga_Chair_Setting_COPY_WEB.jpg Kuga Chair Black Leather Metal COPY WEB Kuga_Chair_Black_Leather_Metal_COPY_WEB.jpg Kuga family (906 x 550) 800x600 Kuga family (906 x 550)-800x600.jpg Sveva chair millenniumxxl 20 98 natural silver cm003a kuga 40 38 natural silver tve04 badu bad000101 tve03 badu bad000101 tve13 2 millenniumxxl_20-98_natural_silver_cm003a_kuga_40-38_natural_silver_tve04_badu_bad000101_tve03_badu_bad000101_tve13_2.jpg Kuga Kuga.jpg Sveva chair KUGA%20spec%20sheet.jpg KUGA%20spec%20sheet.jpg

Kuga Chair