Etoile CS1494 LH Leather Taupe cs4097 7185 2ch Chair Setting WEB Etoile_CS1494-LH_Leather_Taupe_cs4097_7185_2ch_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris Etoile CS1494 Carver P15 MattBlack metal frame A08 Denver Anthracite teflon treated fabric Angle SKU Etoile_CS1494_Carver_P15_MattBlack_metal_frame_A08_Denver_Anthracite_teflon_treated_fabric_Angle_SKU.jpg Etoile CS1494 Carver L16 MattGreyLeather P16 MattGreyFrame SKU Etoile_CS1494_Carver_L16_MattGreyLeather_P16_MattGreyFrame_SKU.jpg Etoile Carver Black Frame Black Leather Front Etoile-Carver-Finishes-TBC-3_WEB.jpg 2018 Etoile CS1494 Carver P16 MattBlackFrame A04 Denver Taupe fabric Angle SKU Etoile_CS1494_Carver_P16_MattBlackFrame_A04_Denver_Taupe_fabric_Angle_SKU 2018 Etoile CS1493 LH D04 Conrad 7143 UP WEB Etoile_CS1493-LH_D04_Conrad_7143_UP_WEB.jpg ETOILE SCHEMATIC CALLIGARIS ETOILE SCHEMATIC CALLIGARIS .png etoile schematic

Etoile Carver (Metal)
by Calligaris

At last! A carver to match our famous Etoile chair - and such sexy curves. Front line engineering technology with moulded foam around an elegant steel frame - comfort to burn!