Basil CS1359 Chair Metal White Optic White Basil_CS1359_Chair_Metal_White_Optic-White.jpg cs4071 V Matt Optic White GLASS Transparent Basil CS1359 LHS Matt Optic White 474 Chair Setting WEB cs4071-V_Matt_Optic_White_GLASS_Transparent_Basil_CS1359-LHS_Matt_Optic_White_474_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris basil-blue.jpg calligaris basil chair, metal leg, blue basil-blue.jpg cs391_P03_cs1359.jpg Basil Chair Setting with Omnia Table (Multi Colours) Basil Chair Setting with Omnia Table (Multi Colours) Made in Italy Calligaris cs391_P03_cs1359.jpg Basil cs1359 P973 P946 P964 P900 Basil Chair Calligaris Made in Italy Moulded Shell Basil Chair Schematic Basil 2021 page 001 Schematic Basil_2021-page-001.jpg Calligaris Schematic

Basil Metal Base
by Calligaris

These are light, comfortable and really great casual fun for the kitchen.