ALCHEMY PRODUCT CONNUBIA 1 ALCHEMY PRODUCT CONNUBIA 1.jpg connubia dining armchair seating 2020 Alchemia cb1056 MattBlack Alchemia_cb1056_MattBlack.jpg Alchemia cb1056 imp side Alchemia_cb1056_imp_side.jpg Alchemia cb1056 P15 Baron Fix Baron Fix cb4010 ML P15 P49W Setting WEB Alchemia_cb1056_P15_Baron-Fix_Baron-Fix_cb4010-ML_P15_P49W_Setting_WEB.jpg ALCHEMY SCHEMATIC CONNUBIA ALCHEMY SCHEMATIC CONNUBIA.png connubia schematic dining armchair seating 2020

Alchemia Chair
by Calligaris

Modern, brightly coloured chair with a striking backrest design composed of cut-out triangles resembling the structure of an atom.