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b AIDA PLUS Calligaris 232203 rel5757b9ec b_AIDA-PLUS-Calligaris-232203-rel5757b9ec.jpg Aida plus dining chair cs4072 R Matt Black LAMINATED CERMAIC Black Marble cs1484 THICK LEATHER Melange Cognac Chair Setting WEB cs4072-R_Matt_Black_LAMINATED_CERMAIC_Black_Marble_cs1484_THICK_LEATHER_Melange_Cognac_Chair_Setting_WEB.jpg Calligaris Calligaris AIDA PLUS cs1484 Calligaris_AIDA_PLUS_cs1484.jpg Aida plus dining chair aida plus cs 1484 31 aida_plus_cs-1484_31.jpg Aida plus dining chair

Aida Plus
by Calligaris

Unique design that has successfully paired comfort with minimalism!