IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Whilst containers are still flowing from our Italian and American suppliers, we can anticipate there may be some delays as events unfold at this difficult time. However, our warehouse and factory are still running, and we have one of the largest premium stock collections available immediately from our Melbourne warehouse. Hundreds of dining tables, thousands of dining chairs and stools, as well as countless sofas, beds, armchairs, accent pieces – in fact, entire homes worth of beautiful stunning furniture predominantly from our European and American suppliers. If your project can’t wait, don’t worry – WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL STOCK AVAILABLE NOW! Contact our amazing design team today.

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Lexington Shelving

Contemporary and elegant industrial style, the Lexington has a staggering array of material options and size options. This is the perfect way to add design and materiality to your space.

Products marked as are not yet available to view in our Richmond showroom, please contact us for more info.